Kero Coffee

Branding, Digital

Kero is a concept for a fictitious coffee roastery based in Brooklyn, New York. They provide fresh coffee at both the consumer level through their storefront and the enterprise level through a wholesale partnership program. For the purpose of this project, Kero is looking for a way to start selling their products online and gain more customers. My proposed solution is an online storefront where Kero can sell their coffee globally, engage their users with their brand’s clean industrial aesthetic, and persuade the website’s users to become invested in the brand’s narrative and products.

A mockup of a Kero coffee product page shown on a Macbook Pro.

Raise your standards and enhance your morning routine!

The style tile used for Kero Coffee showing the treatment of the type, icons, and colours.

By creating an online storefront, Kero's products will be more easily accessible via social media (website urls are easier to share than real life store addresses). The ‘Our Story’ page will make users invested in their personal brand, it’s narrative, and it’s brand ideology. The ‘Our Story’ page will also provide users with contact information and directions to Kero’s brick and mortar store. The new income from the online store will allow the company to experiment even more with their new roasts. This will result in higher quality, more flavorful coffee.

An image of the Kero Coffee website's home page.

A responsive mobile first layout will make it so that the website’s target users will be able to properly and reliably use it on their phone or tablet. A coffee subscription service will provide a passive approach to buying their coffee; instead of buying coffee when their users run out. Every couple of weeks, their users will be sent a fresh tin of coffee automatically. The use of the brand’s colour–neon green–subtly throughout the page will make it pop. The website will be accessible to all modern web browsers and will be WCAG 2.0 Level AA compliant.