Montreal Jazz Festival

Identity, Print, Digital

This project aims to combine a melange of elements from contemporary and traditional jazz to make an annual look for the Festival International de Jazz de Montréal that is more approachable to younger more general audiences, while keeping the festival’s original raison d’être in tact.


Early on I decided that the best way to create a good annual look was to create an indepth design system. I took colour ques from jazz posters from the 60s and I drew rough improvised instrument illustrations to accompany the colours.


Since the festival was for the jazz genre, I wanted to capture the conrolled improvisation that many of the greatest jazz musicians used; Miles Davis, Louis Armstrong, Nat King Cole, ect. To do this I didn't create a single design with all of the elements, instead I opted to create a multitude of designs that could be used in different situations.

An image of the Access Design website's home page.
An image of the Access Design website's navigation menu.

Type is the voice of our words.
But, like jazz, it can also be the voice of our feelings

An image of the Access Design website's Ellen Lupton spread; a companion to page 2 and 3 of the booklet.

I didn't want to lose the spirit of improvisation when I moved the annual look over to digital media. So I decided to use the variable font Barlow to allow an interesting, improvised, and lightweight typographic treatment of the website across all of the devices. Barlow is a two axis variable font, so it enabled me to create CSS animations using both it's weight and width axes.