Street Trees

Infographic, Print

The purpose of this project was to highlight the hidden relationships between each species of tree and highlight how truly diverse the tree population of both the Kensington Market and the GTA as a whole is. Since the City of Toronto has all of their street trees mapped out by address and labelled by species, and also because horticulture is such an established field, there was plenty of data at my disposal. I choose to focus on the Kensington Market area because it is a neighbourhood that both Toronto natives and tourists would know of.

The final design for the Kensington Market street trees infographic.

I originally tried organizing the trees using the shape of their leaves, but due to the sheer number of species in the Kensington Market, there wasn’t a good way to do this without making the page look heavy and cluttered. Moreover, I thought that I could get more interesting information out of the data if I went in a more abstract direction. I decided on organizing the data hierarchically with circles, using the size of the circles to represent the quantity of trees. I could’ve easily mapped the circles to a geographic map of the market, But I felt organizing them by genus, species, etc. was more interesting from a biodiversity perspective.