Hi, I'm Valery! I'm a Canadian graphic designer, proud LGBTQ woman, and book lover. I’m interested in typography and accessible communication in both physical and digital design spaces. I recently graduated from the York/Sheridan Honours Bachelor of Design and am looking for full time work.

A picture of Valery Marier in front of some leaves.

I combine my experience with both traditional and digital mediums and methodologies in a multidisciplinary approach to my design practice. By doing this, I'm able to create unique design solutions that are suited to each project’s specific needs and circumstances.

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I also won an award for accessible design once*
Which technically makes me an “award winning” designer, right?
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I mean Josh’s mom says my design work is really good so..
The cover of the book The 99% Invisible City
The cover of the book Braiding Sweetgrass
The cover of the book A Room of One's Own.