I am a graphic designer and all around cool lady based in the Toronto area. I’m interested in typography and accessible communication in both physical and digital design spaces. I'm currently in my final semester in the York/Sheridan Program in Design and looking for work post-graduation.

A picture of Valery Marier in front of some leaves.

I combine my experience with both traditional and digital mediums and methodologies in a multidisciplinary approach to my design practice. By doing this, I'm able to create unique design solutions that are suited to each project’s specific needs and circumstances.

A golden star with the words (you tried) written in it in Comic Sans.
I also won an award for accessible design once*
Which technically makes me an “award winning” designer, right?
A picture of the meme Hide the Pain Harold, featuring an old man sitting in front of a laptop smiling and giving thumbs up.
A golden seal that with the words (Official Josh's Mom Seal of Quality) written in it in Comic Sans.
I mean Josh’s mom says my design work is really good so..
The cover of the book A Typographical Journey through the Inland Printer
The cover of the book Nancy Drew: The Witch Tree Symbol
The cover of the June 1895 edition of the Delineator magazine.