ALR Bookkeeping is a small town bookkeeping company with big city charm.

The logo for ALR Bookkeeping displayed in black and white (top) and colour (bottom)

ALR Bookkeeping Services is a bookkeeping company in Almonte, Ontario. When I took them on as a client they had no clear brand, instead they were plagued with a problem that is common with many small businesses, and which I’ve lovingly dubbed ‘template-itus’. The owner never had any professional design work done, so they relied on templates to fufill the purpose. Over time this resulted in a hodgepodge of different templates that didn’t mesh well with eachother. My task was to give them a complete visual refresh that included a new logo, company letterhead, a new business card, and a fast and accessible website for their clients to access.

The typographic palette for ALR Bookkeeping's branding
The colour and imagery palette for ALR Bookkeeping's branding

Going in the client already knew roughly what they wanted for a logo, insisting that they get their monogram surrounded by an arrow. I took this idea and I refined it as much as I could so that it would work well at smaller sizes. Then, I employed the arrow element in other parts of the branding materials like the business card and the company letterhead. I also made a simple one page website for the company that employed simple vector illustrations in a similar style and stroke width as the logo.

The business cards (left) and company letterhead (right) for ALR Bookkeeping
The homepage of the ALR Bookkeeping website displayed on an iMac
The about section of the ALR Bookkeeping website displayed on an iMac