Space Cowgirl is a quirky reverse contrast display typeface.

The basic latin character set for the font Space Cowgirl at a bolder weight

Space Cowgirl is a quirky reverse contrast display face that is loosely based off of a specimen of Italian type from the 1828 George Bruce & Co. printing type specimen catalog. I originally made this typeface to use in an editorial project about nineteenth century wood block type in contemporary design. I ended up liking the face's goofy quality so much that I ended up making a full character set, extra weights, and stylistic alternates.

An image showing all six weights of the font Space Cowgirl
The text (A goofy reverse contrast display font) typeset in the font Space Cowgirl

Since it is such a weird and wonky typeface I knew from the start that it would have very limited use cases in the real world as a single fat face. So when I went about designing the other weight variants of the typeface I ended up creating two lighter variants that were monolinear. I kept the same forms of the heavier variants, but without the extreme contrast it made these two weights more legible at slightly smaller sizes like subheadings. I also decided to release this typeface as a open source typeface under the SIL Open Font License, so that everyone who wanted to use it could use it without having to justify purchasing such a bizzare font.

The punctuation, symbols, and language support for the font Space Cowgirl

I hate it but I can't stop looking at it

— My Roommate, A non-designer
Eight different space-related words showing off the font Space Cowgirl
A illustration of outer space with the text (See you space cowgirl...) in the bottom right hand corner